The coal commission Germany have announced recently that they are going to phase out all of its coal plants by 2038 and not to build any new coal plant.

Germany is the sixth biggest CO2 emitter in the world and 42% of their energy source is coal.So it will be a great example to the rest of world that they have understood the seriousness of change the climate and how to adopt for  renewable energy.

According to the Chancellor Angela Merkel this plan leads to 65% to 85% country power come from renewable power and imported natural Gas by 2038.They have estimated $45 billion to this project and create 5000 new jobs.

The environmental group Green Peace Germany announced “this is an historic accomplishment”

But on the other-hand they have criticised the 2038 goal as ” unacceptable ” and we continue to push for faster coal plant phase out in whole world.