What is Humane mouse trap?

Humane mouse trap
Humane mouse trap

Humane mouse trap catch mice alive so you can release them back to nature.It is Non killing methods to keep mice away from your house! They have been developed to cause the least possible stress and harm to captured mice, mouse, rat. Mouse mice traps have been designed to drop doors automatically behind the mouse when crosses the treadle to reach the bait and this seals it safely inside. They are very easy to bait and set and the transparent plastic or steel cage body make them easily to monitor the traps. The are full reusable.

Why we should use Humane mouse trap?

1.Humane mouse trap catches but does not kill the mouse.
2. Most of humane mouse trap can be reusable.
3.Suitable for internal or external use.
4.Plastic construction for easy cleaning.
5.Mouse cannot take bait without tripping the tilt trap.
6.Once the mice are caught the trap can be emptied without the need to touch the mouse.
7.Captures mice humanely for release at another location.
8.Plentiful ventilation points reduce stress to caught mice.
9.Easy to bait and set- each trap is provided with full instructions for use.

Next thing is it is always advisable to use more than one trap for best and quick results.You must check regularly to avoid discomfort to the mouse, but once caught any mouse can be released back to nature by simply opening the door.Try to find Large enough for not only mice but also rats. When you buy a mouse trap please check the instruction whether it can be used at anywhere mice appear(kitchen, bedroom, warehouse, garage, restaurant, food factories, etc.) As there are some mouse trap that can’t be used out site.

Advantages of using Humane mouse trap

  1. No poison, chemicals, glue
  2. Non toxic and no touching mice or any dropping so no risk of disease.
  3. Dirt free
  4. Safe for children and pets
  5. The mouse can easily set up your home to be released
  6. Peanut, butter, walnuts sunflower seeds without husks, or piece of cheese or breads can be
  7. used as bait.
  8. Humane Design -Humane traps
  9. No kill no hurt,
  10. No chemical odours,
  11. No merciless catches,
  12. Catch live mouse,
  13. Won’t be bitten,
  14. Totally environmental friendly and humanised,
  15. Won’t hurt people,
  16. Safe to children and pets.

Mice are wary to new things, they won’t be trapped easily. So you have to wait patiently for a few days before it works but occasionally you’ll get result within few minutes or hours.

Finally if you don’t like the idea of killing mice (because of religious back ground or what ever the reason) this kind of traps sounded really appealing to you.